Repair garage doors – characteristic signs of faults and how to eliminate them

  • Jamming of the blade or tight turn. This type of breakage may be associated with deformation of the guides or door leaf, with an excessive stretch of torsion springs. The solution to this problem can be the replacement of rollers, loops, or the correct regulation of the spring tension force.
  • Knocks and squeaks during the movement of the door leaf. The reason for this may be the wear of the movable structural elements or the ingress of dirt into the grooves of the sectional door. Cleaning and lubricating the rollers will eliminate this problem.
  • Deformation guides. This kind of damage most often occurs at the pivotal guides of the garage sectional doors. To correct this will help straightening, and in more difficult cases – replacement, broken parts.
  • Damage to the web. In contrast to the mechanical elements of the gate, the canvas has no moving parts, with the exception of the joints of individual sections of structures, which, due to wear, may fail. This leads to a loss of integrity and insulating properties of garage sectional doors. But do not despair, because the main advantage of these structures is the ability to replace the damaged individual parts. Thanks to this advantage, garage door repair is greatly simplified.
  • Breakage of the drum, shaft, gearbox or cable break. This type of problem is solved only by replacing or repairing parts by garage door maintenance specialists.